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While on a quick lunch time scout yesterday, some Essence polishes caught my eye and seeing as they were only €1.29 each I picked up the three below:
L-R: 67 Make It Golden, 76 Blue Addicted, 72 Time for Romance
These are all from the Colour & Go collection, Essence’s range of quick drying nail polishes.
I decided to give the gold shade a whirl first:

Essence Make It Golden


Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow

They certainly look similar to those from the Deborah Lippman collection which retail at a much higher price and can be hard to come by. For example, Make It Golden could be compared to Boom Boom Pow, Blue Addicted is quite similar to the very popular Across The Universe while Time for Romance could be a dupe for Ruby Red Slippers.
I didn’t apply a colour underneath as I wanted to see what it is like alone and how the coverage is so here you go – this is how my nails look after three coats:

Thankfully this polish is quick drying as I think you definitely need three coats to build up the effect. However, I do think it would benefit from a base coat of something similar to Dior Vernis Haute Coleur Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer in Or Divin which Kirstie reviewed today over on Beaut.ie.

So what do you think – anyone of these take your fancy?


Last week I was thrilled to find the Essence Ballerina Backstage Collection in a local pharmacy and even more thrilled to discover that that nothing was over €4.00. I mentioned that I picked up both a blush and eye souffle – I will post my thoughts on the eye souffle later in the week.
On Saturday, I was meeting my buddy Judith for lunch and a spot of window shopping so thought it was the perfect opportunity to give the collection a whirl.
The blush souffle is light and velvety in consistency and feels silky soft on the skin. As you can see from the swatch below, it is quite sheer – apologies for the quality of the image but as it is quite sheer, it is difficult to photograph. I first applied it using my fingers, it went only easily and blended well. I used a small stipling brush to apply it to my other cheek and it went on similarly so it is quite straightforward to apply and work with. I applied two layers to build up colour and the results were still very subtle so I reckon this would work well on fairer skin types too.

Blush Souffle on the right – no flash

Blush Souffle on the right – with flash

I usually like to set all cream blushes to help them last longer, so I set this with a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (Semi Precious – Rose Quartz)

It lasted well for the day so is great value for money. Overall, I do like this product and will definitely use it a lot for daytime but I will have to add a little powder over it as it’s just a little too sheer for my NC30 skin.

Following my post yesterday, as promised here are a few photos of the Essence & Catrice bits I picked up:

All half price items from €0.98 to €1.24

All my purchases

Swatches and reviews to follow!

Just a quick post to say that two of my local pharmacies (well local to work that is) have discounts on many Essence and Catrice items.

I went into the first pharmacy in search of the Essence Ballerina Backstage Collection which I was delighted to find fully stocked – I may have picked up one or two items which I will post about later. However, I also spotted many items with 50% off including kohl eyeliner pencils reduced to €0.98, many nail varnishes also €0.98 and lipsticks at €1.24.

I then trotted off to another pharmacy in the hope of finding the Catrice Papagena Collection and once again I struck gold and picked up a blush stick. Catrice also has quite a few items with 50% off including some nail varnishes for €1.40, lipglosses for the same, and a mascara for sensitive eyes at less than €3.00.

I’ll post some more details and images on my purchases soon.

I presume that these items are being discontinued so I hope we can expect many new and exciting items from both of these brands soon!

Technically it’s not a NOTD post as I had it done last Thursday but I’m sure you’ll forgive me!
After work on Thursday, I headed to Fifth Avenue, Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork to redeem a Citydeal voucher I purchased a few months ago. The voucher was €18 and entitled me to a “Pamper Experience including Eyebrow Tint, French Manicure and Mini French Pedicureand I was really looking forward to relaxing for an hour or so.

I had checked out the salon’s website before purchasing the deal and thought it looked great, however, there are a lot more stations packed into the salon than are shown in the photos on the site.

I was greeted by a friendly lady who led me to the back of the salon where three pedicure chairs were crammed into a pretty tight area – the two other chairs were occupied by ladies reading magazines so I hopped up onto the closest one and the therapist took my bags. I immersed by feet in very hot water and she proceeded to clip my toenails, all fine until she took my right foot to buff my nails but instead buffed the skin and cuticle around my big toe vigourously until it started to bleed – I yanked my foot away and she just grabbed it and continued. She then took my left foot and believe it or not, managed to do the exact same thing to the second toe – I was pretty annoyed at this stage and it became obvious that she was being careless and rushing to get me out of there. At this stage, the three therapists were all talking between themselves in another language which made me feel slightly paranoid!! She then French manicured my toes using CND Stickey base coat, Essence tip painted, an Essie pink and top coat – must say, she did a great job! 

There is a spiral stairs behind the pedicure area which leads up to a treatment room – anytime any client or therapist wanted to get to the stairs, they had to squeeze past each pedicure station, bumping off the therapist’s chairs – not great space planning. I was asked if I wanted to have my brows tinted or not, I guessed that a lot of clients didn’t avail of this aspect of the deal and I opted not to either as I don’t normally tint my brows. Flip flops were then placed on my feet and as she led me to the manicure area, she did apologise briefly for cutting my skin.

So far, not a very pampering experience!

I took a seat and the therapist asked what shaped I’d like my nails and began to file them – my nails are quite short at the moment but I was very happy with the results, photo below:

My French Manicure

I was told to wait for 10 – 15 minutes before putting on my sandals to leave and then the therapist bid me goodbye and headed for home.

My nails were perfect on Friday but by yesterday morning, they had chipped quite badly:

Day 2 – chipped

Overall, I was happy with the results of both the manicure and pedicure, minus the cuts of course but I really don’t think I’ll be returning to Fifth Avenue as it was a bit like an assembly line and I certainly wasn’t made feel special or pampered in any way. Glad I only paid €18 for the experience!