Recently I managed to grow my nails a little beyond the stumps they usually are and decided to celebrate by getting a 2 week manicure. I’ve previously tried Gelish, OPI Axxium and Shellac, none of which lasted more than a week on my nails without chipping and/or peeling off. At first, I suspected that perhaps the nail technician may not have been the best as I tried Shellac and Gelish at the same salon however, I ventured to another place for the OPI manicure and even tested Shellac again but no luck.

A colleague went to a salon close to work that offered Gel-Lac 2 week formula and was very impressed with both the longevity of the manicure and the selection of shades available so I decided to try it for myself and have to say I’m very happy – so happy in fact, that I’m going back tomorrow for a soak off and colour change!

So here are my nails on day 1:


And here are my nails today, day 18:


As you can see, besides quite a lot of nail growth, my manicure is still perfect and all for only €20 including a little nail art on my ring fingers – hopefully, I’ll be just as satisfied after tomorrow’s appointment.