As I mentioned in my previous post, I changed my lifestyle in 2012 by simply deciding to get off my arse!!

I’d tried running previously but the bug never really bit me so I didn’t lasted very long at it.
Last March, Action Breast Cancer organised a 10k Pink Ribbon Walk in my town, most people as the name suggests, were walking but three of my friends, all avid runners signed up to run it so I thought, what the hell I’ll give it a whirl and join them. When I say join them, I decided to take it at my own pace and walk as needed – my goal was just to complete it.

I did a few short walk-run sessions coming up to the date but had never ran further than 5km when I stood at the start line. I decided to track my progress using the Nike+ app which incidentally, I now rarely run without as I find it great for training for longer distances and speed so I put on my headphones with my playlist blasting and set off with about 100 or so other runners – the walkers would start a few minutes later.

I kept up with my friends for the first 1km or so but then as I approached the first major hill, I felt my legs start to fail me and I realised I needed to adjust my pace to suit my fitness level (or lack there of!) so I slowed down and with a few short walking intervals to catch my breath, managed to finish the 10k in just under an hour.

To say I was chuffed was an understatement – I really felt as if I’d achieved something and have been running regularly ever since. So if anyone is thinking of running as a New Year’s resolution, I say go for it – if I can, anyone can!